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Just a foodstuffs blog run by a 6'3" recent college graduate who owns one too many plaid shirts, and blanked on inspiration for the title of this blog (Thanks for the basis, Kafka). Home history random Theme
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Oyster & Scallop Tartare w/ Ginger Dressing
Baklava and Mango Sorbet @ XS, Baltimore, MD by oscarpetefan on Flickr.
Organic Assorted Autumn Squash by brent.hofacker on Flickr.
Mini Falafel by Kartaba on Flickr.
IMG_8517b by Undre_R on Flickr.
carmalized figs w prosciutto + homemade ricota + mascarpone by @chefFV @scarpettaLA (2) by @LA_Chefs on Flickr.
Mutton Rice Noodle Soup羊肉粉 by peggielvkwl on Flickr.
turkey cranberry sandwich by escotto2000 on Flickr.
Roka Akor San Francisco (40) by Planet Q on Flickr.
Shrimp-Stuffed Pan-Fried Catfish w/ Avocado Puree (306/365) by RobertDennis on Flickr.